Who We are

Change starts with yourself. That is why we proudly present to you our brand: Burqu.

Founded by Burcu Tandogan who has a 9 year background in design, Burqu brings inspiration to life that create a trend with even standalone pieces. When you wear Burqu, you can feel the attention to detail in every single piece we produce. Every piece of clothing is made with highest quality fabrics and luxurious design. We take inspiration from every step of life with comfort, style and timelessness in mind. All of our pieces are made with materials and accessories which are carefully produced in Turkey. Burqu is made possible by working closely with the manufacturer throughout the entire design and production process.

The result ? High quality craftsmanship and character in each and every piece of Burqu.Our creator Burcu takes inspiration from Japanese artists, minimalist designs and her worldwide trips. Burqu was created out of necessity that comfort does not necessarily mean not elegant. Combining style with ever lasting flair and upmost quality, Burqu brand creates impact.Love your clothes forever.

Join us in our mission to make a difference.Sourced from Europe, Produced in Turkey, and Designed in UK…